Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travel, Travel, Travel

Well it has been a very crazy past couple of weeks. We made another trip up to Colorado. This time for the wedding of two great friend of ours, Cassie and Brandon. It was such a beautiful wedding. We wish them the very best. As soon as we got back Justin was off to a week in the field playing Army boy again. (He does this quite often.) He was gone over the 4th so Wyatt and I, along with Uncle Brannick, went to Silver City to see my dad. Then we went to the ranch to visit my Grandparents. We have been on the road A LOT! Somewhere in the middle of all of this traveling Wyatt learned to crawl. Needless to say, he is into EVERYTHING!!! His new favorite toy is the trashcan. So now I have to hide it in the laundery room, therefore, his new favorite game is find the trashcan. Silly boys! Here in a couple of weeks we will be moving yet again. This time we are moving on to WSMR. It will deffinetly be interesting living on an Army base. I'll be living like a true Army Wife. But I think it will be nice. We are excited. Hopefully we are done traveling and moving for a while.


Collin and Hannah said...

Where exactly is that? Are you nervous? I would be, but I guess that accounts for me still living in GERONIMO right? Good luck!